Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Mini Dumper

June 11, 2024

Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Mini Dumper

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Mini Dumper Correctly

Here is a step-by-step guide to make use of mini dumper effectively.

Nature of Dumper

Electric Dumper: Fed up with fueling your dumper every time? Our brings you a solution with its electric mini dumper. The dumper comes with a rechargeable battery, that solely works on electricity. 

Diesel Engine Dumper: Before using, check the oil level of the dumper. If necessary, fill it with unleaded petrol. If you are adding fuel after using it, first let it cool. Otherwise, it can be dangerous. 

Starting the Engine

Controlling Direction

move the control rod to make the dumper move forward or backward, depending on your desired gear.

Right Speed

Choosing the right speed for your comfort and safety is important. When using the mini dumper, adjust its speed based on the terrain you are driving on. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you feel more comfortable.


More Settings:

If the dumper is not moving, you might have put it on neutral. You can choose the right forward speeds depending on different conditions.

Four-Wheel Drive Control

Worried about driving a dumper on an uneven road? The two black levers on the sides of the machine control the four-wheel drive function. When you lift both levers, it boosts traction for better movement on tough terrain. Lowering the levers reduces traction,  useful on stable surfaces like concrete or paving. Our mini dumper has rear wheel locking pins that keep the trolley in a straight line, ensuring stability.

Dumper Throttle Control

On the other handle, the throttle has four settings.

Off Position: Pulling the handle back will turn off the engine.

Dump the materials

While emptying the contents of the mini dumper, you can use the counterbalancing system to tip the skip forwards. This will release the handle and allow you to lift the dumper upwards which enables releasing the load. After dumping, you must manually move the skip back to its starting position.

Plus, with the KNDMAX mini dumper, you can effortlessly carry up to 500KG.