How to use the Log Splitter safely

June 18, 2024

How to use the Log Splitter safely

How to use the Log Splitter safely

1. Move The Splitter Near The Wood

Hauling all the logs to the skimmer is tedious, time-consuming, and can damage your back.

Instead, place the splitter close to the work area where the logs are stored to reduce the workload. Normally, most medium to large models have large wheels that allow easy towing.

2. Place the Log Splitter correctly

One of the most important things to remember when using a Log Splitter is that it needs to be placed on a flat, level surface. This reduces the chance of the machine tipping over, which could damage the machine or cause serious injury to you or someone nearby

Also, make sure have enough space around you to work, stand, and move around while operating the machine comfortably.

3. Power On Your Log Splitter

Once you ensure your splitter is firmly set on level ground, you can power it on.

Electric ones are pretty straightforward. For a gas-powered model, ensure enough gas before you fire it up. You might also need to adjust the choke if necessary.

4. Load Your Log

Hold the log on either of the long sides. Don't hold it on the (diameter) ends when loading the log to your splitting machine.

Depending on the machine, you may need to load the log horizontally or vertically. For horizontal models, place the wood log on the bed. For vertical, stack it against the splitting wedge.

5. Activate The Forward Splitting Lever Or Valve

With the log loaded, you can proceed and activate the splitting wedge lever. This will push the log into the cutting wedge splitting wood into two.

Then return the lever or valve to its original position to retract the cylinder and the splitting wedge.

6. Remove The Split Log

Once you've successfully split your first log, repeat the above operation, you will harvest a pile of firewood and move the firewood to a storage location for storage.